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Our goal, as Love & Lifestyle Coaches, is to share with you expert insight to resolve conflict, increase intimacy and have you enjoying the relationship you have built.

Does this sound like your relationship?

  • You are constantly wondering how to get your needs met with your partner
  • You are walking on eggshells because you fear the next conversation may turn into an argument
  • Your intimacy is little to non-existent
  • It’s hard to trust your partner due to inconsistencies or new behaviors
  • You and your partner disagree on parenting styles
  • Your relationship has fallen apart and has taken a backseat to your careers
  • You are afraid to speak-up or set boundaries because it will backfire
  • Neither of you are planning dates or making the relationship a priority
  • You don’t share a hobby together
  • You wonder if you are still in love or just going through the motions
  • Experiencing a major life transition which is creating conflict for both of you
  • Both of you avoid the reality by taking separate vacations with friends
  • You are feeling unfulfilled and disconnected

Then, you’re in the right place.

We help great couples, like you, define your relationship goals, work through everyday life stressors, overcome major transitions, and create a healthy and happy relationship that’s fulfilling and meaningful.

You may be wondering if relationship coaching will help you and your partner.

Without being proactive and receiving expert guidance, it can be challenging to move forward when you don’t have the proper tools to resolve the current conflicts. 

Majority of couples hire a professional financial planner to achieve their financial goals, as well as a personal trainer to reach fitness goals. The same thing goes for your relationship. It’s essential to hire a Love Coach to achieve a happy and healthy relationship.

We are Jan Yuhas and Jillian Yuhas  – Certified Love & Lifestyle Coaches of Entwined Lifestyle, Body Language Experts, Certified Conflict Resolution Mediators, and Hold a Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy.

We can help uncover what’s holding you and your partner back from having fulfillment in your relationship today. Upon discovering the underlying reasons, we will help you work through your differences and rebuild the foundation and thrive as a happy and healthy couple.

“When resolving conflict with your partner, avoid prefacing it with a WHY question. They will become defensive before you even try.”

Couples Coaching can help you and
your partner:

  • Work Through Conflict Amicably with Constructive Communication Skills
  • Discover New Avenues to Strengthen Your Relationship and Grow Together
  • Learn How to Appreciate Each Other’s Individuality
  • How to Get Your Needs Met with Your Partner
  • Be Able to Feel Healthier and Know You Are a Team
  • Find Emotional Outlets Individually and Together
  • Be Able to Repair Emotional Wounds to Live Happily Together
  • Build a Stable and Strong Foundation for Future Disagreements
  • How to Go From “ME” Mindset to “WE” Mindset
  • Increase Intimacy and Connectedness
  • Establish a Safe and Secure Environment for the Relationship To Keep Growing
  • Rebuild Trust- “When there’s no TrUSt, there’s no US”
  • Create Weekly Date Nights
  • Find a Share Hobby or Passion Project You Both Will Enjoy

How Couples Coaching Works:

As Co-Coaches, with a background in Marriage and Family Therapy and Certified Conflict Resolution Mediators, we work with couples collaboratively through video conference platforms. During our weekly one hour call,  we will establish the root of the relationship discord, provide insight, and implement tools to resolve differences. The tools will guide each partner within the relationship, making a transformation to a healthier and happier couple.

Contact us today to see if couples coaching is the right for you and your partner.

“After working with Jan and Jillian, my husband and I learned that we communicate differently. While we were both were wanting the same end goal we were missing how to get there because we were too busy provoking one another leading to a dead end. We learned to talk less and ask discovery questions to understand each other’s needs and find resolution much quicker.” – Elizabeth

You are the one!

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