7 Brutal, But Real Reasons He Broke Up With You

7 Brutal, but real reasons he broke up with you. If he broke up with you it may be cause you were too needy or controlling. The best thing you can do is give him space and time to miss you in hopes of working through it.

This may be a hard pill swallow.

If you were dating a guy who left you, then it may leave you questioning yourself or what went wrong with the relationship.

“Am I not worthy of love?”
“What is wrong with me?”
“Did I do something that bothered him?”

Everyone is deserving of love, but some relationships don’t end up with a fairytale ending like you envisioned.

Sometimes, the ending is heartbreak.

It could have been a difference in personalities, values, or a lack of a healthy foundation. Ultimately, it may have been a variety of factors that caused the breakup.

Somehow, along the way, something made him realize that you weren’t a good match so he called it quits. 

With that said, here are 7 brutal — but real —​ reasons why he decided to break up with you.

1.He left you because you were too controlling

Trying to control a man will cause him to run in the opposite direction.

A man needs to feel he’s the king of the castle in a relationship.

So, if you are exerting your powerhouse masculine energy, you will emasculate him. Emasculating a man shows you don’t have respect for him nor the relationship.

And men will value respect over love any day.  

When you try to tell a man what to do, he will immediately feel threatened and disengage.

It’s like telling a man to go against his natural instincts and change his ways, which we all know that ends up invoking his competitive spirit.

This makes him compete with you by trying to win back the upper hand, which is the opposite of what you want. 

He moves further away from you, not closer, to gain back his pride. Eventually, he just ends up breaking up with you. 

And when it comes to love, it’s something that needs to breathe.

So, trying to control it will backfire in your face causing him to leave you.

To keep a man intrigued, use your feminine energy and allow him to lead the relationship.

2.He left you because you were jealous

A confident man will be completely be turned off by a woman’s jealousy.

He will begin to question the connection because he will feel you aren’t trusting him which is a sign of disrespect on his end.

When you are feeling jealous, ask yourself if he is being disrespectful or if you are feeling down about yourself.

If it’s the latter, then you may need to work on soothing your own emotions so you won’t displace them onto the relationship.

Everyone experiences off days where they don’t feel their best self.

Just make sure you keep those emotions to yourself and work through them instead of taking it out on him. Find security within, not from him.

And if he’s being disrespectful, you will want to set a boundary with him based on your values, not your emotions.

This will help you achieve the respect you deserve and prevent conflict.

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3. He left you because you were seeking his approval

If you are placing your worth in the hands of a man, you will feel defeated after every date and especially a break-up.

A man can immediately sense if you seek his approval the second you meet him, just like you can sense if a man is confident or insecure.

Seeking a man’s approval will lead to you losing your feminine power and facing rejection more often than not.

Basically, you are rejecting your self-worth by depending on an external source for self-assurance.

It’s a hundred percent your responsibility to create your own worth based on your values, goals, passions, and personal interests.

To avoid seeking a man’s approval, you will need to invest in yourself first, not a partner.

A relationship consists of two independent individuals who create a balance of interdependence for emotional support.

4. He left you because you were nagging

Nagging at him will defeat the purpose of getting what you want.

A man will turn his cheek when he hears a woman complaining about her day or trying to convince him to do what you want.

A man is more likely to become avoidant because you aren’t letting him make his own decision.

Can you imagine if a guy was nagging at you to do something you didn’t want to do? Probably, not.

Nagging creates a negative interaction within the relationship causing both of you to operate from a “ME” perspective.

For a relationship to work, you and a partner will need to operate from a “WE” perspective to achieve progress when exploring differences to reach a common ground.

Instead of nagging, try asking discovery questions to learn more about him.

This will help you discover what’s preventing him from compromising or working together collaboratively.

This will create a positive interaction and likely engage a positive outcome.

5. He left you because you were emotionally unhealthy

If you don’t feel great about yourself when entering a relationship, you will likely end up self-sabotaging the relationship.

Being emotionally in tune with yourself is the key to a healthy relationship for longevity.

A man will take an interest in a woman who brings value to his life.

If you are weighing him down with drama, he will begin to pull away because he will not have time to put out daily fires in your life.

In order to receive romantic love, you need to have self-love first.

This will keep you from letting the waterworks emotionally flood the connection and burn out the spark between the two of you.

6. He left you because you were needy

Being needy is like kryptonite for a man.

He will feel suffocated by your lack of confidence and most likely try to escape you on a daily basis.

Trying to obtain a guy’s attention goes against how a man views love.

A man will need to lead the relationship by taking an interest in you. If you try to pursue him, you lose in the end.

Neediness is the biggest turn-off.

And let’s be honest you probably don’t like when a man is needy of your attention either. This behavior can become a bit of nuance to anyone and can kill the vibe.

To avoid being needy, you’ll want to take time and figure out what you need for yourself to be happy so you do not put all your focus on him.

You can potentially turn the entire relationship dynamic around just by pulling back and doing you.

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7. He left you because you weren’t meant for each other

Not everything is meant to be.

Maybe you were ready for a relationship, but he wasn’t emotionally available. Timing can play a major role in how the relationship grows and where things go.

If you try to rush a connection, more than likely it’s built on lust and not love.

When there isn’t a firm foundation established in the beginning, it will fizzle just as fast as it starts.

Love takes time to build to create a relationship that can thrive.

And, sometimes things just aren’t meant to be and it’s as simple as that. The chemistry was off for whatever reason and he headed for the hills without an explanation.

If your relationships keep ending because you’re lacking the confidence to date, then it’s time to OWN WHO THE F*CK YOU ARE! Don’t let another relationship slip right through your fingers.

7 brutal, but real reasons he broke up with you. Going through a breakup can be tough on anyone, yet even tougher when you may be the reason why. Discover what lead to the heartbreak and what you can do to build your confidence and have the relationship you truly desire. #breakup #hearthache #relationshipadviceforwomen #relationshipadvice
7 brutal, but real reasons he broke up with you. Going through a breakup can be tough on anyone, yet even tougher when you may be the reason why. Discover what lead to the heartbreak and what you can do to build your confidence and have the relationship you truly desire. #breakup #hearthache #relationshipadviceforwomen #relationshipadvice
7 brutal, but real reasons he broke up with you. Going through a breakup can be tough on anyone, yet even tougher when you may be the reason why. Discover what lead to the heartbreak and what you can do to build your confidence and have the relationship you truly desire. #breakup #hearthache #relationshipadviceforwomen #relationshipadvice

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