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3 Playful Flirting Secrets Men Can’t Resist

Men love a woman who can flirt!

Flirting is a social and sexual behavioral cue that drives a man closer to you. This lets him know you are interested; igniting his instinct to pursue you and opening the door for a conversation.

Nowadays, it seems flirting has been throw to the wayside and people are more concerned with getting their needs met than building a connection in the initial stages of dating.

And if you have more concerns about facing rejection than building a connection, you have dating all wrong.

The first step to building a relationship is having fun, flirting and getting to know each other.

Because if a man can have fun with you, he’s more likely to ask you out on a date.

Speaking of dates…

I want to share a story with you about one of my clients who was struggling to get guys to ask her out.

She was Miss Boss Babe twenty-four seven. Always dressed to the nines, impeccable taste and style, but something was missing. Her feminine energy.

She was stiff as the boardroom table and this was turning men off. When we began working together, I soon realized we were going have to breakdown some walls.

She needed a make-under.

She immediately got rid of the tailored suits and let her hair down. She had the most gorgeous, long wavy blonde hair but no one would have ever know because she had it in a bun all day long. I was like “woman, men are going to go crazy over these locks you’ve been hiding.”

Next, we went shopping. She found a gorgeous red dress, still tailored, but sexy. It accentuated her curves like no other. I said “DAMN girl, men are going to go blind when they see you in this.”

Her presence alone was going to captivate men, but didn’t mean they’d ask her out. We needed to work on her flirting if she was going to get dates with high-value men.

Here is how she landed a date…

Three Flirting Techniques To Get A Man To Ask You Out:

1. Seek Eye Contact

First things things first…make eye contact with a man you want to get to know when you are out and about. Eye contact is the number one nonverbal body language cue that initiates a flirtatious energy exchange with a man to get him to notice you.

It’s a simple, yet subtle way to say, “I’m available” without chasing him.

As a feminine woman, it’s important to be alluring and draw a man in, but you’ll want him to lead to the connection.

You can ignite his interests by smiling with your eyes all while giving him a few glances here and there. By glancing a few times his way, this ensures an opportunity of catching each other’s attention.

We all know it can take men a bit long at times to pick-up on things (men tell us this), so glance for a few seconds then turn away. Then, try this again a few times until you actually lock eyes.

Also, eye contact signifies you are confident and vulnerable to having a deeper conversation which will spark his interest.

2. Say Hello

Now that you have made eye contact with each other, you’ll eventually want to lock eyes again.

Once you see he’s looking at you, you’ll want to say, “Hello” by mouthing it using just your lips. This gives him a sign that you are inviting him to come over and say hello face-to-face.  

This might seem a bit awkward, but it works for men especially if they are unsure if you want them to approach you.

Never understatement the power of hello.

3. Show Excitement

Men want to feel special too!

When a man asks you out on a date, you’ll want to show excitement for the date even if you have never met. By giving him a compliment such as, “I’m looking forward to seeing you for our date”,  this opens the communication channel between the two of you so he can give to you as well.

Relationships are a balance of giving and receiving between two independent individuals.

When you make a man feel good about himself, this will entice him to want to continue courting you and planning dates. He will feel appreciated for his time and effort and want to have your company by his side.

If a man doesn’t feel appreciated, he will more likely stop asking you out because he will not want to waste his time.

Try out these flirting techniques next time you head out with your girlfriends or on a solo escapade.

The Love Twins,
Jan & Jillian

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