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How NOT To Text A Girl And Sabotage Your Dating Life

Hi Guys,

It’s Friday night. Sending text to the women you want to date?

If you are thinking of shooting a messy message like above, you might want to think again!

That’s exactly what you do not want to text a girl ?

Decoding this guy’s text message and why he won’t be getting a response…

1. Opening line screams “I’m not confident in who I am”

BIG, BIG turn off!

Confidence goes a long way when it comes to dating guys. If a woman can sense you are completely confident in your own shoes, she is going to think you got it going on. She will find you intriguing and want to know more about you. Huge points for dating, and a key factor to winning her attraction.

2. Second sentence clarifies “I don’t love the way I look”

If you don’t love the way you look, then why would she??? If you dislike your body type and aren’t comfortable with who you are, then what makes you think she would be into you?
Nobody has the perfect body. But, you must learn to accept your body, if you want things to get physically hot at some point.

This guy is literally blowing his chances left and right with this girl.

3. “I’m boring”

I bet she is dying to hang out now.   Being fun is such an important factor when getting to know someone, especially on the first encounter. If you aren’t fun to hang out with, then how can the friendship possibly progress into something more than friends?  That is your goal, right?
Planning day adventures and nightly outings will have her wanting to hang out you…it can be a picnic in the park! Even if she is unsure about how she feels in the beginning, you can still capture her attention. 

Keep in fun, hun.

4. Texting “My DVR is my friend”

So you can’t make friends and you argue with people you don’t know on Twitter??? Sounds like a you really have it together…oh but wait

5. You have a swimming pool  just what she was hoping for. Right??

Not so smooth dude. She isn’t going to get in her bikiniand swim around with someone who isn’t mentally or physically appealing in his text messages. Sorry mate, but you have already blown it with this girl in your first line. And now, you want her to get half naked. Bollocks!!

6. And then you have the audacity to state if she isn’t interested is someone else…OH MY!

She is definitely not interested now and you failed with this one right out of the gate

Response denied

If you send these kind of text messages, you’re bound get to rejected.

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