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How To Write A Dating Profile The Woman Of Your Dreams Won’t Be Able To Resist

Make her swipe right!

Getting swiped left over and over and over again? We got your back.

Writing your dating profile in order to find a girlfriend on apps like Tinder can be a daunting a process, especially for guys who are recently single or who generally lack creativity. Making sure your online dating profile stands out among the masses is imperative when it comes to generating the kind of attraction that will have women falling in love and you receiving instant matches.

The trouble comes when you aren’t sure how to get a girl to like you because you don’t really know what women are looking for. For men with this dilemma, creating a profile to catch a woman’s eye can be a struggle.

For example, posting shirtless pics of yourself showing off your six-pack abs screams, “I have insecurities and need attention!”

Images of you partying with your buddies say, “I love being single!”

And when a profile only shows one image, a woman immediately thinks to herself, “It’s a fake.”

These are all examples of how making simple mistakes on your dating profile images can turn your whole experience into a huge flop, with women swiping left past you faster than that stealth jet you uploaded a photo of in order to trick them into thinking that maybe, just maybe, it might be yours.

Oh, and guys, don’t ask your female friends to help you write your bio. It just does not work. It will sound too thought out and obvious that you did not write it. You want to be your most authentic self when drafting your bio.

That said, here’s how to get a girl to like you by writing a Tinder dating profile women won’t be able to resist falling in love with.

1. Snap pictures that speak a thousand words

Branding yourself is key to getting unlimited successful dates with women. If your pictures don’t have that certain special je ne sais quoi, any woman who comes across them will move swiftly onto the next.

Research shows that women are highly selective on dating apps, and you only have a brief moment before a single woman swipes over you based on presence alone. So, if you are struggling to capture noteworthy images with your own camera, hire a photographer or grab your wingman or wing woman for a photo session.

Your photos are vital when it comes to standing out from the stockpile of dating profiles women have to choose from.

In fact, one of our male clients went from zero dates to a committed relationship after hiring a professional lifestyle photog. His new images went from blah to “Hello!” because they told a simple, enigmatic story of who he is.

Your lifestyle is key to attracting her, not your looks.

The types of images that will get your profile noticed are ones that communicate things like, “I am passionate about X, Y, Z”, “I am friendly”, “I love and live life to the fullest”. “I am unique in my own way”, and “I am confident in who I am.” You get the point.

Be yourself and have fun. Also, make sure you do include at least one selfie.

2. Write an enticing bio

The way you write about yourself should leave women feeling curious to know more about you, and when you have a limited number of characters available to use, that can be much easier said than done.

There’s no need to overthink it, though! Keeping your bio short and sweet — a few descriptive sentences or even a list of adjectives about your interests — is a must. Leave your life story for your in-person conversations so you don’t lose out on the mystery factor.

The words you use predict your matching capabilities.

Avoid from using basic lingo like “foodie” or “coffee drinker,” and make it interesting by using creative descriptions like “sushi seeker” or “latte addict.” You can even try switching up your MBA to “sapiosexual.” This adds more personality and depth to your bio.

The main point of your bio is to draw women in by sparking an intellectual connection. This gives also helps them find questions they can ask you so they don’t have to ask a stranger boring things like, “How is your day?”

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3. Be mysterious

We’ve all heard the saying, “Less is more.”

Writing your whole life story in your dating profile will definitely cause a hiccup in the swiping process. Women will have zero interest when it comes to inquiring about you if you overshare.

Dating is all about the fun process of uncovering the many layers of who you are and figuring out where (and if) you find a genuine connection to each other, so the less you reveal, the more she will wonder.

Here are a few ways you can increase your mysteriousness factor:

  • Display a confident demeanor in your images and bio. Confidence can be conveyed through your body language and a positive bio. These are subconscious cues women will pick up on.
  • Leave her curious about what you are thinking. Don’t be too candid in expressing your emotions right out of the gate.
  • Having your own sense of style will leave women curious about who you are. Expressing your individuality is key to creating intrigue. Being rare is an attractive commodity.
  • Mysteriousness is about being subtle with your actions. Your photos should get her thinking things to herself like, “Where was that taken?”, “That seems interesting”, or “Hmmm … I want to know more about who he is.”

Leave a little mystery, or you might be history.

4. Create magnetic energy

Your dating profile images should project positive energy that creates a likable presence. Having a friendly and approachable, yet intriguing vibe makes it easier for women to swipe right.

If you exploit too much sex appeal, matches will most likely connect with you with for one reason: a sexual hook-up. While this may appeal to your sense of instant gratification, it won’t bring you the woman of your dreams.

Leading with an impression of confident edginess and an adventurous aura will have women lining up around the block. They will see you as the epitome of all options.

A charismatic presence speaks volume.

Being kind is an endearing quality women look for in a partner for longevity while showing compassion and understanding indicates that you’re capable of caring for someone other than yourself.

You can also reveal your kind-heartedness in your images with smiles, pictures of you with pets, or in interacting with friends and family. Remember, kindness never goes out of style.

When it comes to creating the ultimate dating profile, these four elements will help you catch the attention of your dream woman.

She will be ready to meet-up with you in no time at all.

And just one more word of advice — make sure your personality and profile are congruent to real life. This is key to building a long-lasting connection. Get started here!

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