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Friendship is the Foundation

"Friendship is the foundation to our relationships" In our day to day routine, we get caught up in daily tasks of going to work, spending time at the gym, reading…

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Authenticity Attracts Love

Being authentic attracts the love you desire ? You may ask yourself what does being authentic really mean. One way to look at it is when your inner voice and…

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Valentine Ideas for Single or Dating

Valentine's Day is a Hallmark holiday that entails celebrating romance with your mate. However, some individuals may be without a mate, yet this doesn't mean you aren't surrounded by love.…

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Face your Emotions

  If you throw your emotions in the garbage, you are bound to end up there too. Sooner than later, you will feel like garbage next to your bag of…

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Rejection in Relationships

Rejection can occur at any given time whether you are in a stable committed relationship (aka marriage for some), or galavanting through the dating world. Regardless of why, we have…

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Learning Interdependence

Individuals relate to one another in many different ways in intimate relationships. Some people remain extremely independent, while others become co-dependent upon each other, meaning they always put their partner…

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