How To Boost Your Confidence

Often there is a misconception that being overly confident is true confidence, when actually its the reverse. If you believe you are better than everyone else, than your belief is…

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LISTENing is very powerful

LISTENing is very powerful. It allows us to understand others in order to negotiate with them and build a stronger relationship. LISTENing gives us space to understand our internal energy…

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Relationships are not easy.

Relationships require us to work hard at creating balance between two individual worlds. They are not meant to be challenging, yet they can be when we feel our needs or…

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What does personal branding mean?

  "I'm cut from a different cloth. And they don't make the same fabric anymore." Personal Branding (PB) entails a full transformation of one's self into a commodity. It's not…

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Thinking of Other’s Perspectives

Individuals rarely think from the other person's perspective. If they did, then they might understand someone more thoroughly by connecting with them in a meaningful way. Today, we live in…

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keep your pants ON

      Have a date right after the office?  This quick swap of business to casual look will have you ready for a night of charming your socks OFF….just…

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  Our greatness as humans is defined by how we interact with others. Having great manners shows respect for others. Our morals and values define our character and self worth…

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