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What Are You Giving Yourself This Holiday?

It’s time to shake things up!

With the fire burning, marshmallows swimming in hot cocoa, and the streets gleaming with holiday lights, it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

The holidays are filled with gift giving and family traditions; celebrating magical moments of decorating the tree, hanging the stockings, and eating homemade goodies scores the top of Santa’s list.

But, wait a minute! What are you giving yourself this season?

Yes, YOU!

And we’re not talking shiny new electronics and cozy sweater swag.

All things considered, we’re talking about your personal development, self-love, and self-care. Are you giving yourself the things you need to reach your aspirations and goals?ย We want to know what lights up your internal flame to spark your holiday spirit all year round.

Above all, this year is about giving to your heart and soul to keep you sleighing all year round. We have to practice giving to have a healthy relationship with ourselves and others. This is what we all need.

At any rate, you have to keep nurturing your spirit and take the lead like Rudolph. Let your nose guide the way. And when something isn’t working, listen to your heart. Do you need a break? Do you need to run around the block naked in zero degree temps to shock you?

What is it that you crave everyday to keep your passion lit without depleting yourself?

Well, what is it?? You must give to yourself this season. And its not being selfish. If you don’t practice giving yourself what you need, then you will become an icicle. Frozen in time. Paralyzed by stress. Unable to reach your yearly goals. Is that what you want?

Heck, no!

From here on, start jingling to find joy in life with deeper meaning. It all begins with caring for your health: mentally, spiritually, emotionally, and physically.

What will you be kindling your soul with this season?

Here are a few ideas:
*Spa Day
*Fitness classes/Yoga
*An Adventure in Winter Wonderland
*Reading a New Book

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