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Performance Relationship Coaching 

The RIM, Relationship Intelligence Method, uncovers blind spots that are preventing you from achieving your optimal performance and goals. These blind spots often have NOTHING to do with what your company sells, how your services stack up to the competition, or what kind of daily activities give you the best chance for success. 

Your performance has EVERYTHING to do with how you BUILD RELATIONSHIPS with prospects and clients alike. You will gain social and emotional intelligence skills to build TRUST and learn how to REMOVE the PSYCHOLOGICAL and BEHAVIORAL ROAD BLOCKS keeping you from success. 

Today’s prospects are more emotional and fearful when it comes to buying, your newer hires feel more alone and insecure, and yet you still need to produce great results. By leveraging our RIM method you can solve all of these issues and get a leg up on your competition.  

Our method can a huge asset for any type of company or individual. We focus on all industries where performance matters including, but not limited to: sales, trading, investment banking, wealth management, insurance, and professional athletic

We Help People Currently Facing These Professional Challenges: 

*Struggling to build a book of business from outdated processes

*Inability to establish and maintain strong relationships

*Lack of commitment and certainty from prospects

*Facing challenges to operate in a virtual vs. in-person environment

*Lack of consistency in delivering clear and concise sales messaging

*Shortcomings in follow-through of strategic goals

*Disappointment without clarity and direction

*Underdeveloped in emotional and relationship intelligence skills

We help entrepreneurs and executives define their professional goals, overcome everyday setbacks, and cultivate strong client & prospect relationships. You will learn how to communicate with conviction, improve emotional and social intelligence, master work life balance and implement strategies that lead to results.

We provide a safe place for turning personal limitations into actualized goals. We’ve found that most are unaware of what keeps them stuck and how to position their strengths for success. Using the RIM you will overcome outdated processes, overcome weaknesses, and excel from a place of value. 

When it’s all said and done, you are the most important factor to your professional success. We work with you to take your skills and mindset to the next level to maintain top performance and key relationships in your professional success. 


We are Jan Yuhas and Jillian Yuhas  – Certified International Performance Relationship Coaches of Entwined Lifestyle, Body Language Experts, Certified Conflict Resolution Mediators, with both holding a Masters in Professional Counseling.

We help uncover what’s keeping you or your team from the success you deserve. With our strategic guidance that leverages interpersonal psychology, emotional, and social intelligence your team will be achieving greater success in no time. 


Performance Relationship Coaching
can help you:

  • Establish Short-Term and Long-Term Professional Goals
  • Discover Strategies to Strengthen Your Mindset
  • Implement Mental and Interpersonal Skills To Connect with Ideal Prospects & Clients
  • Create Clarity and Certainty To Achieve Your Optimal Performance
  • Master Work Life Balance For Personal and Professional Fulfillment
  • Implement Effective Negotiation Skills To Achieve Win-Win Outcomes
  • How To Show-up Authentically And Use Your Value System To Your Advantage
  • Learn How To Confidently Diffuse Conflict Within Minutes
  • Sustain Longevity In Your Professional Relationships
  • Effectively Navigating Rejection From Prospects
  • Nonverbal Communication Assessment Skills 
  • Building Rock Solid Confidence & Inner Strength


How We Can Work Together:

As International Relationship Performance Coaches, with a background in Professional Counseling and Certified Professional Coaches, we work with our clients via phone or Zoom. During our weekly calls, we will discover the root of your professional challenges, provide expert insight, and implement actionable steps to achieve your professional goals.

Our techniques will guide you to establish your strengths to give you the confidence and power you need to
cultivate remarkable relationships with powerful partners and clients. With daily text message support, you will see your professional life transform in less than 30 days. 

Contact us today to see if performance relationship coaching is the right for you.

“We have no problem guiding our young sales people on what our process is and what daily activities were
needed to ensure long term success. What we found out pretty quickly was that while we had built mastery
of the soft skills many of our newer sales people were clueless. What was worse was that given our
busy schedules we weren’t able to spend enough time and energy helping them develop their skills and
feel like they were being taken care of. Jan & Jillian have been a life saver and we see them as crucial
in developing talent and growing our firm’s financial results” – Chris


“I was struggling to meet my career goals and land the job I wanted based on my skillset and experience.
I have sought out professional help in the past, but never got the return on my investment.
After working with my performance coach, I have been able to excel in my
career and gain financial success based on my productivity. It will really helps you learn to work smarter,
not harder by having processes in place and communicating with creditability.
I continuously plan to keep working with my coach as it benefits my personal life as well.” – Blake

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