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“I’m tired of feeling disrespected. No matter what I say, I don’t feel heard or understood.”

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Boundary Badass is an exclusive group coaching program for valuable women who want to receive RESPECT when it comes to expressing their deepest feelings in their relationships.

This is especially for driven women who are afraid of speaking up, feel like they are being walked on, or know there is another level of success to cultivating meaningful relationships, obtaining personal lifestyle satisfaction, and having interactions in life or business feel easy without jeopardizing their worth.

Today, getting the respect one deserves with a great partner, friends, colleagues or clients is harder than it’s ever been. This is because we live in a society that is very 
ME-focused, and relationships are WE- focused.

And, today more than ever, women are striving to be at the top of their professional game yet it seems to be hurting their personal, intimate relationships. Which makes it difficult to succeed in all areas of their lifestyle because they are being pulled in all different directions to nurture their relationships yet others are far from understanding their multi-layered role.

But, that’s all about to change! 

This private program is for YOU, if you are looking to set boundaries and live a fulfilling lifestyle without experiencing double standards, tired of having others ignore your emotional needs, done with being treated as a second option, and over being stuck settling for less. 


  • Finding your inner voice and HONORING YOUR WORTH as the woman you have always known – confident, valuable, captivating – but who has forgotten who she is, goes out of her way to please others, continuously doubts oneself, and walks on eggshells out of the fear of losing that special someone. 
  • Forming healthy relationships, personally and professionally, that feel AUTHENTIC without neglecting or abandoning your personal needs and values.  
  • Having a POWERFUL relationship with yourself so others want to meet your needs without having to bend over backward to appease them or devaluing your self-worth.
  • Cultivating relationships that align with your values so you can MANIFEST love, affection, wealth, intimacy, respect, and harmony.
  • CONFIDENTLY owning who you are from the inside out, sharing your valuable gifts with a partner, family members, friends, colleagues, and having others RESPECT you the minute they see you.


How do we know that relationships need boundaries to stay alive?

Because we once felt powerless with our very own words…

We were in long-term relationships with partners that were self-consumed with their 
own personal agendas. No matter how much we expressed our needs, they weren’t willing
to make our relationships a TOP PRIORITY. 

We would plead time after time like the chorus in a song, yet neither of our partners
showed interest in creating HARMONY.  

Being sisters and best friends, we would lean on each other for SUPPORT wondering
if we were doing something wrong. We knew there had to be another way. 

Over time, we discovered that there was a strategic approach to communicating
our emotional needs and receiving the respect we deserved. It was about creating VALUE
so we could no longer feel denied.

We learned how to use our inner voice, honor our WORTH, and remove the
 fear-based barriers that kept us from getting what we wanted.  

We became more POWERFUL, valuable, and certain as we spoke with confidence.

The #1 THING we discovered to getting our needs met was how to set
healthy boundaries. And, this is the exact skill you’ll need in order to go
from feeling POWERLESS TO BOUNDARY BADASS in your all relationships. 

Here are 11 Reasons You Need Boundaries In Your Relationships:

  • You are afraid to say “NO” or “ASK” for what you need
  • You feel LET DOWN no matter how hard you try to make others happy
  • You don’t honor your feelings because you are SCARED they will leave you
  • You pretend everything is great even though you are HURTING INSIDE
  • You are becoming RESENTFUL towards your partner because there’s lack of mutual respect
  • You feel SAD, depressed and exhausted with their chronic criticism 
  • You feel like you CAN’T TRUST others because they lack integrity
  • Your partner makes you feel you UNDERVALUED and neglects your relationship 
  • You feel DISRESPECTED every day no matter how much you try to repair the connection
  • Your partner, family, or friends IGNORE your feelings anytime you express your concern
  • You BLAME YOURSELF and take responsibility for your partner’s behavior when you shouldn’t

Ready To Join Boundary Badass? 



What You Will Discover In This 8-week Group Coaching Program:

◊How to communicate with POWERFUL WORDS that help you grow your relationships 

◊Identify your RELATIONSHIP VALUES to speak with confidence

◊How RESPONDING versus reacting to frustration is crucial in GETTING YOUR NEEDS met 

◊Discover the differences between BOUNDARIES and ultimatums to SAVE YOUR RELATIONSHIPS

◊Effectively communicate using our 3 C’s FORMULA to be heard and understood

◊The EXACT SCRIPTS you will use to navigate sticky situations with ease

◊How to get your partner, family, or friends to meet your needs and WORK TOGETHER 

◊Become more CONFIDENT and own your worth, making you invincible

◊Feel secure and safe with your partner to create DEEPER INTIMACY 

◊Create a solution to RESOLVE DISCORD QUICKLY and EASILY to keep the relationship thriving

What You Will Receive When You Sign-Up: 

*90 Minute Zoom Call Each Week with a Tribe of Like-Minded Women

*Weekly Email Support 

*A Personalized PRIVATE Coaching Session

*Powerless to Boundary Badass Workbook

*Lifetime Access To A Community of Women

*Become Confidently INVINCIBLE

Join Our Boundary Badass Coaching Group 

(Space is limited on a first come first serve basis)

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