Coaching FAQs

Why do you need to hire a love and lifestyle coach?

Clients hire us for a wide range of love and lifestyle goals.  A few reasons you may hire us is to help boost your confidence, achieve self-acceptance, create a dating profile, increase your communication skills, lifestyle balance, face fears of commitment and intimacy, conquer self-sabotaging habits, create boundaries, or eliminate conflict, et al.  All of our coaching services are specifically tailored to your personal goals. Throughout the process, we offer ongoing support, patience, encouragement, and understanding as you reach your desirable relationship and lifestyle.

What is the coaching process?

We recommend our clients establish a weekly session via Skype or by phone. This consistency enables you to reflect and gain knowledge on your progress by keeping the momentum going at a steady pace. We offer 1-hour sessions per week on a monthly plan along with ongoing text support, tools, and techniques to reach your desired relationship and life goals. We recommend a minimum of three months to achieve great results.

When will I see change?

Change can occur at various rates for each individual client. Every client works at his or her own pace when making life changes. Generally, most of our clients require several weeks of coaching to notice a substantial transformation towards success. The greater ambition, the sooner you will begin to live a life you love and attract the relationship you desire most.

Are coaching sessions confidential?

We value our client’s privacy. All communication and services are strictly confidential between the client and relationship & lifestyle advisor. Any time additional parties are brought in to serve our clients, then we would discuss what specifically can and cannot be released.

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