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“I have been working with Jillian for the past year or so. I came to her broken emotionally in addition to my struggle with addiction. I cannot express how GRATEFUL I am to work with this amazing mentor, coach, and overall wonderful woman. She has helped me discover how to find inner peace through self-love and worth.

Today, I now understand how to create healthy boundaries with the people in my life. Her guidance has been fantastic in our meetings as well as the additional personal growth exercises I can do on my own. My journey has been challenging and I could not have made the progress I have without Jillian and her firm. I plan on continuing with her as my mentor for as long as possible. 

She really has made such a positive impact on my life! I would highly recommend to anyone, regardless of your personal situation, her amazing insight, services. She changes lives!!!”


“I am so thankful for Jan. I have had the experience of utilizing her guidance on emotional intelligence in my professional relationships. Her knowledge of psychology and overall well being is top notch. She has given me tools to think outside and respond strategically. Jan teaches you patience, confidence, and gives you tools to manage the rougher waters of changing for the better. I have had better client management and successful relationships utilizing her perspectives. 

Entwined Lifestyle is a definite brand that is interested in helping you raise the bar on your life.”


“I have always struggled with connecting with guys, therefore putting my career first in my life. It’s not that I didn’t want a relationship, but I was tired of facing rejection. However, once I began to feel established I wanted to be able to spend time with someone who I could share my life with and start a family. 

Because I’m not great at attracting guys or maintaining a long-term relationship, I reached out to the ladies at Entwined Lifestyle. I can’t tell you how much my love life has changed since I started working with them. They make things simple and also make you feel at ease when feeling frustrated. Finally, I feel more at peace as they have helped go from feeling lost to starting a new relationship with my guy.

I definitely will continue working with them for all my relationship needs as my life has completely changed for the better. Thank You ladies!”
– Elle

“We have no problem guiding our young sales people on 
what our process is and what daily activities were needed
to ensure long term success. What we found out pretty
quickly was that while we had built mastery
of the soft
skills many of our newer sales people were clueless.
What was worse was that given our
busy schedules we
weren’t able to  spend enough time and energy helping
them develop their skills and
feel like they were being taken
care of. Jan & Jillian have been a life savior. 



“Being someone that typically is not in relationships I can say that the main benefit of being in a committed relationship is peace of mind. I live a high paced and high-stress lifestyle due to work and the constant mental stress it puts on me. A relationship with the right person can give your life order and can ground you. When you stop focusing on what else might be out there and instead focus on what and who really makes you happy, at least a piece of your life becomes tranquil.

When I was younger finding new people to date was fun, but I have come to realize that the positives of a solid relationship far outweigh any of my fears to committing to one man. Turns out the grass was never greener on the other side of the fence despite what my feelings were trying to tell me. Jillian were able to help me work through my old love stories and fears about commitment. 

I truly can’t thank them enough, as I’m happily married today.”

– CoNNoR

“After being out of the dating scene for an extended period of time, I met someone through a mutual friend and decided to give it a shot. Even though I had always been one to easily make friends and build relationships, this relationship offered a completely different dynamic.

It was a struggle. I had previously done well in relationships, but this time I felt lost. That is when I turned to Entwined Lifestyle for help so I could give this new relationship a chance.

They were there to help me understand how we could find better alignment.”
– Taylor
“Jill has been my coach for a year and half now. I have seen a therapist my entire life, but Jill has actually been more beneficial to me. Rather than focusing on the past, Jill actually gives me advice, questions my opinions, and pushes me outside of my comfort zone. She has helped me not only with my relationships, but more importantly with my confidence. Jill has taught me how to set boundaries, as well give perspective when I need it most. She is able to provide the feedback and tools I need to succeed.”

I feel I can talk to Jill about anything without judgment.”


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