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Jan Yuhas & Jillian Yuhas

Jan Yuhas and Jillian Yuhas, MA, MFT, CPC work with professionals who want to achieve remarkable relationships in love and business through healthy boundaries. As International Relationship & Lifestyle Coaches, they help individuals and couples achieve optimal performance, establish healthy boundaries, and confidently communicate their values to have meaningful relationships in every facet of their lifestyle.  

Growing up in a twinship, Jan and Jillian have always given each other sage advice. Their mirroring and reflecting is a never-ending reminder towards their personal development and growth. Their secure bond provides unconditional support while simultaneously induces their self-discovery of healthy differences. They both value their independence while embracing their sisterly duo.

Their passion to help others began at the early age of 22 when they volunteered at the National Runaway Safeline. During their volunteer experience, they helped mediate high-conflict conversations between parent(s) and their teens who ran away from home. They provided compassionate guidance and solutions to the families in order to work through their challenges and unresolved differences prior to the child returning home. Jan and Jillian’s dedication to volunteer work inspired and fueled their interest to want to help others work through their relationship struggles, which lead to graduate school in psychology. 

Jan and Jillian’s experience and background:

  • Bachelor of Arts in Psychology – University of Illinois at Chicago.
  • Masters of Arts in Marriage and Family Therapy – Adler School of Professional Psychology
  • Certified Professional Coach – Life Coach Institute of Orange County.
  • Certified Mediator – Center for Conflict Resolution.
  • Certified Crisis Counselor – National Runaway Safeline
  • Certified Deception Detection and Body Language Expert – Stu Dunn Behavioral Science Consultancy
  • Certified Micro-Expressions Expert – Dr. Paul Ekman 

They are also frequently found on media outlets as contributing relationship experts to YahooLifestyle, YahooSports, The Jam TV, SheFactor, Macy’s, TastyTrade, Adler University, ThoughtCatalog, GoDates, Graphic, The Good Men Project, Latina, YourTango, Unwritten, Everyday Power, and BeYourOwn.

Jan and Jillian have an innate passion for helping driven women and men achieve their relationship and lifestyle goals. They coach their clients on a weekly basis via phone or video calls by implementing mindset tools, actionable strategies, and sharing expert insight to reach solutions towards their personal and professional goals. 

All of their coaching packages are customary according to each client’s personal and professional needs- whether you are wanting to create a healthy relationship with a romantic partner, cultivate and nurture your professional relationships or achieve lifestyle balance they will help you achieve your goals.  

Their areas of expertise include relationship etiquette, confidence building, high-powered performance, communication techniques, personal and professional growth, work-life balance, increasing intimacy, setting healthy boundaries, conflict resolution, and lifestyle wellness.

Relationship Coaching FAQS

What leads TO HIRing A Relationship COach?

Clients hire us for a wide range of relationship goals, both personally and professionally. A few reasons you may hire us is to help boost your confidence, find your self-worth, attract your ideal clients, improve your communication skills, create intimacy in your romantic relationship, achieve lifestyle balance, overcome attachment issues, conquer self-sabotaging habits, set healthy boundaries, or eliminate conflict, et al. 

All of our coaching services are specifically tailored to meet your personal and professional goals. Throughout the process, we offer ongoing support, patience, encouragement, and understanding as you reach your desirable relationship and lifestyle.


We recommend our clients establish a weekly session via Zoom or by phone. This consistency enables you to reflect and gain knowledge on your progress by keeping the momentum going at a steady pace. We offer 1-hour sessions per week on a monthly plan along with ongoing text message support and mindset techniques to reach your desired relationship and lifestyle goals. 


Change can occur at various rates for each client. Every client works at their own pace when making life changes. Generally, most of our clients require several weeks of coaching to notice a substantial transformation towards success. The greater ambition, the sooner you will begin to live a life you love and cultivate the relationships that bring fulfillment to your lifestyle.


We value our client’s privacy. All communication and services are strictly confidential between the client and their Relationship and Lifestyle Coach. Any time additional parties are brought in to serve our clients, then we would discuss what specifically can and cannot discussed. 


The main difference between coaching and therapy is the results the client hopes to achieve in their personal life. Coaching is a solution-focused process that helps clients reach the next level of success by implementing actionable strategies to achieve their short-term and long-term goals. It helps you move from your current state to the desired goal by taking steps forward in the direction that best suits your personal or professional interest. As for therapy, it helps you look into your past life experiences to heal unresolved emotional wounds. 

For example, think about driving a car down the street. Therapy would have you moving forward but looking in the rearview mirror. Whereas, coaching will have you moving from one location to the next by looking through the windshield to reach your desired destination-ultimate goal.

Fun Twin FAQS

“We are identical twin sisters born three minutes apart on April 28th.”


We grew up in the country of a rural farm town with a population of 940 people. There aren’t any stoplights or grocery stores within a fifteen-mile radius. We have always referred to it as: “A dot on the map.” One could say we were raised with old-fashioned traditions and values.


We are identical twin sisters born three minutes apart on April 28th. We are Tauruses; stable and grounded as the trees.

When it comes to business, we are fearless and will take any risk. We even have a secret desire to one day own an herbal apothecary boutique. We take great interest in herbs and homeopathic remedies and believe one can cure just about anything with nature. One of us being a cancer survivor, we don’t take life for granted.


We love to cook…mostly healthy, but sometimes southern. And, if you can’t find us in the kitchen whipping up family recipes, then we are probably at the gym maintaining a balanced lifestyle. We take our self-care and self-love seriously. 

Additionally, we both love a good adventure. We love traveling and learning about new cultures, as well as, a nice hike through the mountains. When we aren’t hiking one may find us creating one-of-a-kind abstract acrylic art or seeking vintage fashion finds. 

One could also say we have a thirst for learning. Our minds seek the unknown and we are always looking to uncover new interesting facts in to advance our personal and professional growth.  


Our maternal grandmother. At 93, she was witty and unconditionally loving, kind nature, a great cook, well read, always honest, beyond humorous and a lady of manners. She wrote diaries on each of her six grandchildren lives from birth to current date. We feel quite blessed to be inspired by her. She was a true example of why self-development is important.

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