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                                                        Hi! We are, Jillian and Jan,
            Relationship & Lifestyle Coaches.







Does Any Of This Sound Familiar?

  • You are exhausted trying to reach your professional goals, that you have begun to neglect yourself
  • You are tired of giving it all with little return on your personal investment
  • Your safety net is greater than your happiness
  • You feel like no matter how hard you try, someone is typically upset with you
  • Your love life is suffering because it has taken a backseat to your career
  • You are struggling to set boundaries because you are afraid it will ruin the connection
  • You have had many successful experiences, but still trying to fulfill your life purpose
  • You find yourself being the one to always has to repair your friendships or relationships
  • You can’t manage to meet your needs, which is beginning to affect your mental health
  • You have a tendency to react to negative situations without giving any rational thought
  • You are experiencing a major life transition which is creating conflict with your goals
  • Your day-to-day lifestyle lacks structure and there is no strategy in place to achieving your goals
  • You are feeling unfulfilled and disconnected from yourself
  • You can’t seem to find a way to minimize the chaos and are consumed by your thoughts

We help successful women and men, define their relationship and lifestyle goals,
overcome everyday setbacks, create lifestyle balance, and help them achieve meaningful and fulfilling relationships, personally and professionally.

You may be wondering if relationship and lifestyle coaching is right for you. 

Without being proactive and receiving expert guidance on a daily basis, it can be challenging to overcome lifestyle and relationship stressors – as you are here with us today looking for answers.  

Majority of women and men hire a professional financial planner to achieve their financial goals or a personal trainer to reach their fitness goals. The same thing goes for your relationship and lifestyle goals. It’s essential to hire a Relationship & Lifestyle Coach, not only to have a better relationship with yourself, but so you can reach your relationship goals with your friends, a lover, or at work.



We are Jan Yuhas and Jillian Yuhas  – Certified Relationship & Lifestyle Coaches of Entwined Lifestyle, Body Language Experts, Certified Conflict Resolution Mediators, and Hold a Masters in Marriage and Family Psychology.

We help uncover what’s holding you back from living a life you truly love and cultivating the relationships you desire. With our strategized guidance, you are the catalyst to transforming your lifestyle today. 


Relationship & Lifestyle Coaching
can help you:

  • Establish Relationship Goals, Personally and Professionally
  • Discover New Avenues to Strengthen Your Mindset
  • Learn How To Be Powerful and Purposeful In Your Daily Practice
  • Discover How To Connect with Ideal Partners and Clients
  • Create Clarity and Certainty to Meet Your Emotional and Physical Needs
  • Be Able To Feel Healthier and Happier In All Areas of Your Life
  • Build Fulfilling Relationships and Connections in Every Facet of Your Life
  • Implement Effective Communication Skills With Damaging Your Connection
  • How To Show-up Authentically and Own Who You Are
  • Learn How To Handle Conflict Confidently 
  • Become High Value and Undeniable
  • Find Personal Outlets From the Daily Grind
  • Practice The Law of Attraction Based on your Values
  • Set Healthy Boundaries For Meaningful And Successful Relationships

How We Can Work Together:

As Relationship and Lifestyle Coaches, with a background in Professional Counseling and Certified Professional Coaches, we work with our clients via phone or zoom platform. During our weekly one hour call, we will establish the root of your relationship and lifestyle challenges, provide insight, and implement tools to achieve your personal and professional goals. Our techniques will guide you to live an authentic lifestyle the captivates your true essence while cultivating meaningful relationships with powerful partners. With daily text message support, you will see your life begin to transform in less than 30 days. 

Contact us today to see if relationship and
lifestyle coaching is the right for you.


“I have seen a therapist my entire life, but coaching has actually been more beneficial to me. 
Rather than focusing on the past, I actually get advice, questions my opinions, and pushes me outside
of my comfort zone. It has helped me not only with my relationships, but more importantly with my confidence. Coaching has taught me how to set boundaries, as well give perspective when I need it most.
I feel as though I can talk to my coach about anything without judgment.
She is able to provide the feedback and tools I need to succeed.” Jessie


You are the one!

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