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Ten Natural Beauty Hacks To Looking Ten Years Younger

As we begin to age, our bodies start to go through some major changes affecting our beauty skin deep. From increasing fine lines to dimples that we didn’t ask for in places that aren’t ideal. 

While aging is a natural process and something one should mentally embrace, we can still hold onto our youthful looks as long as possible. Right?

A little over a decade ago, I began digging deep into home remedies. And I’ve been discovering new ones ever since. I’m a true believer in “nature heals all.” (I kinda have a secret desire to own an apothecary one day.) 

Recently, I’ve been researching new products for various problem areas to work with the body naturally, not abrasively. I’ve never been healthier or felt better – all for pennies.

Here are Ten Beauty Tips (I swear by) To Looking Years Younger:

1.Wash Face With Natural Cleanser 

You probably think I’m going to recommend an awesome facial soap. But, I’m not. I stopped using soap altogether to wash my face. The minute I stopped using it I got fewer breakouts and less clogged pores. I have uber sensitive skin so I found using a basic baking product worked better for cleaning my skin than any over-the-counter facial scrub.

I simply use hot water and baking soda to scrub my face. Baking soda is well-known for getting out stains of fabric and cleaning around the house, but it also works great on the face. It removes dirt and debris from your skin with the gritty texture it provides when mixed with water. Your face will feel uber soft after using it because it’s great for removing dead skin. And, if I need to take off my makeup, then I resort to make-up wipes for clean removal.

2. Eliminate Acne Using Face Toners

You can throw away all your name-brand expensive toners. The best one I have found is raw apple cider vinegar. It will kill any blemish. It tones out the skin reducing any redness due to its healing properties by restricting unnecessary blood flow.

Now, when you first apply the ACV it may sting a bit or leave your skin slightly flushed. But, it will go away shortly. I don’t recommend doing it before applying make-up or if you plan on sleeping next to a new boyfriend for the first time. It has a pungent, distinct smell and is best left to do on your own.

However, I’ve found a back up for when I can’t use the apple cider vinegar. Witch Hazel is an amazing au naturale facial toner that leaves your skin revitalized and fresh too.



3. Brush Away The Cellulite

This is probably the worst thing about aging, at least for me, the onset of cellulite. Ugh! But, don’t worry I’ve learned how to dimish the nasty toxins with three simple techniques. The first is dry brushing. 

Dry brushing may sound strange and it’s not the most luxurious feeling on your skin, but it does work in detoxing the body. It literally rejuvenates the lymphatic system like a juice cleanse eliminating trapped toxins from the body.

How does it work? You’ll want to brush with consistent motion over your entire body. Use the brush by always brushing towards the direction of the heart. I try to do it at least 3 times a week before showering for the best effects.

4. Scrub With Coffee

Java time! If you don’t have much free time on your hands, then ordering a java scrub is the quickest way to go. I’ve also made it from scratch using my morning coffee grounds. 

Making your scrub from scratch you’ll want to take your old coffee grounds and spread them out on a baking sheet. Once they are on a cooking sheet pop them in the oven for about 15-20 minutes at about 400 degrees. If you cook them too long it will begin to smell like burnt coffee, so pay attention to the time, as all ovens aren’t the same. 

Once they are dried out, you can place them in a jar and mix in coconut oil and sea salt. Or you can also just simple scrub the coffee grounds all over a damp body when in the shower. And, I highly recommend doing this in the shower because it can become a bit messy. 

5. Smooth Lines With Love

It’s time to qua sha! I recently discovered this tool because I was researching an alternative to botox. In the past, I’ve done botox twice. But, let’s face it (pun intended) we are not sure of the long-term effect of putting these toxins into the body. I truly try to be as natural as possible in my self-care routine, and so I’ve searched for alternatives.

I began using a rose quartz roller (rose quartz is the stone of love) and qua sha every morning to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles. I’ll be honest, I was a bit skeptical when I started this routine. How can rolling over your face and neck eliminate wrinkles? Yet, it does!

I’ve also used my gua sha when I have a migraine. It releases the tension in the face and really does wonders. And, I haven’t felt the need to get botox since I started using it. Do I still have a few fine lines? Yes. But they are less noticeable and I feel happier about my appearance. 

6. Drink Liquid Green

This is not your typical green juice I’m talking about. It’s actually an herb with numerous healing properties that I discovered about a year ago. It eliminates toxins in the body, diminishes cellulite, clears up skin disorders, and heals autoimmune disorders. 

I happen to suffer from endometriosis, an ongoing autoimmune disorder that has no cure. I started drinking this medicinal juice that has numerous healing properties. You might think it doesn’t taste great but you actually begin to crave it once you reap the benefits.

Every morning before coffee I drink 16oz of celery juice. You don’t need to own a pricey juicer to make it either. I simply chop one whole package of celery, then throw it in a blender. Once it’s finely blended, you can strain it with an ultra fine cheesecloth into a large mixing bowl. Because you don’t want to drink the pulp, only the juice. After I’ve strained it, I pour it into a glass and sip away. 

7. Consume Foods Wisely

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying you are what you eat, right? I’ve recently made an effort to really live by the saying because I’m realizing there is so much truth behind it. 

The key to an anti-aging diet is to become more plant-based. After picking up the Medical Medium book, foods that cure, I really dove deep into changing my lifestyle. I’ve become 90% free of dairy, gluten, eggs, corn, and meat. Being more conscious of what goes into my body is has truly made a difference in the aging process.

Besides celery juice, the number one food I consume for anti-aging is avocados. I pretty much live on those bad boys. They seriously are one of the healthiest fats you can consume in preventing wrinkles. I eat at least one if not two a day. And watch your hair grow, too!


8. Work It Out

As we begin to age there is a shift in our metabolism. While I used to be able to consume late night savory burgers and fries without consideration of my waistline that is no longer the case. One, I want to be healthier, but two my body just doesn’t stay fit as it used to without body movement.

I typically workout at least fives times a week, but only about 30 minutes each time. It doesn’t take much to stay in shape if you’re eating a heavy plant-based diet. And, given I don’t have a lot of time on my hands being an entrepreneur I need something effective. I will typically alternate between the elliptical, yoga with bands, or an even a nice walk around the city. Even standing throughout the day instead of sitting at a desk can do wonders to keeping your body flowing and burning calories. 

Also, consider skipping public transportation if you are in walking distance to a destination. If I know I can walk to a doctor appointment or a business meeting, I will grant myself the extra time and walk to get in a few extra steps for cardiovascular health. You will thank yourself later.

And these yoga pants by 90 degrees are the best. They accentuate the body in all the right places, while having a pocket for your phone.



9. Dose Of Vitamin C

You’ve probably taken Vitamin C for the typical cold, but what about anti-aging? Vitamin C is needed for the biosynthesis of collagen, which helps in the anti-aging process by plumping the skin. It’s also used as an antioxidant protects the body from free radicals.

I take a ¼ tsp of the powder daily mixed with a glass of water. Taking the powder form is much more effective than taking a capsule form because it is bioavailable. Meaning it absorbs into the bloodstream at a much quicker and effective rate. 



10. Weather The Sun

Heavy doses of sunlight can lead to premature aging. When I was younger I was a sun worshiper and now I cannot possibly think of being out in the sun for too long without proper protection. 

Summertime is prime time for wearing sunblock and a hat. These items shade the face from forming brown sun spots, wrinkles, and skin cancer. The sooner you practice prevention, the better off you are in remaining looking youthful. 

I’ve been using an all natural sunblock and night creams by epionce for skin protection and wrinkle prevention. It’s literally magic in a tube and I don’t get breakouts from it, given I have ultra sensitive skin.

Looking for more natural remedies? Will be sharing more soon, so visit us again to keep up with the latest natural beauty techniques and flawless skin.

Looking for a natural beauty regimen to staying youthful? My lifestyle has never been healthier since I dove deep into natural remedies. Beat the aging process with these ten beauty hacks I swear by.
Looking for a natural beauty regimen to staying youthful? My lifestyle has never been healthier since I dove deep into natural remedies. Beat the aging process with these ten beauty hacks I swear by.
Looking for a natural beauty regimen to staying youthful? My lifestyle has never been healthier since I dove deep into natural remedies. Beat the aging process with these ten beauty hacks I swear by.

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