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Get Your Needs Met And Feel 
Respected Within Minutes

Do you ever feel like he is taking you for granted?

Have you ever had something you are dying to get off your chest…but kept to yourself because you didn’t want to start a huge fight?

Do you wish you could speak your mind without the fear of losing him? 

Do you ever feel insignificant and ignored in your relationship?

If you answered “Yes” to any of these, then keep reading.

The Benefits Of Our Boundary Badass Program:

  • How to COMMUNICATE your needs effectively without hesitation
  • Develop deeper INTIMACY in your relationship
  • Feel SECURE in your connection
  • Have CONFIDENCE without the worry of rejection
  • Own your WORTH and know your value
  • Create RESOLUTION when facing discord quickly
  • Find your inner voice and get your NEEDS met
  • Establish BOUNDARIES based on your core values
  • Create a HEALTHY relationship and eliminate stress
  • LET GO of what no longer serves a purpose in your life

Are you ready to receive the RESPECT you deserve?

A relationship with healthy boundaries will feel easy, peaceful, and support 
your needs indefinitely.

We hear from clients all the time:

“I’m never get the respect I need from him.”

“When I ask for what I need, it turns into a huge argument instead of a simple talk.”

“I feel anxious when I want to talk about my feelings. I’m afraid he is going shut me out.”

Are you feeling the same right now?

“My relationship was in an awful place when I found this program. As much as I love my boyfriend, I was at a crossroads and didn’t know where to turn. Even my friends were tired of hearing about how my boyfriend treats me like poorly. I am always the nice girl, but I finally realized I need limits. Finding this program changed my relationship completely! I can now stand up for myself without causing a fight. And, I cannot tell you how much better my relationship is because of this. 
Without this program I would probably be single or still getting walked on. 
Boundary Badass saved me!” – Christine

Our exclusive Boundary Badass program allows you to take better care of yourself-emotionally, mentally, and physically.

Your relationship is about to shift from stressful to great, from toxic to healthy, and 
from one-sided to thriving.

It’s time to own your fiercely femme power and get your needs met, receive the respect you deserve, and finally feel valuable in your relationship.

Boundaries aren’t taught at home or in the education system – it is only normal that you haven’t heard of them, as they are often confused with ultimatums. 

With this program you’re one step closer to getting what you need.

Boundaries are essential to getting the respect you deserve and feeling 100% confident
in your relationship.

“This program has helped me elevate my personal and professional relationships. I felt used after being walked all over and not getting the respect I deserved. Somedays, I would feel stuck because my needs were always dismissed or seemed too small. I finally reached my limit where I couldn’t take it anymore. I did some research and found this program. Today, I’m not afraid to ask for what I need because I have the tools that guide me. I’m forever grateful for this program. It will
change your life like it changed mine.” -Elizabeth

A sneak peek at what you’ll find inside:


Defining what you accept versus what is crossing the line begins with establishing your limits. Your limits are derived from your relationship values so you can get your needs met.


When experiencing a sense of discomfort, it's imperative to understand the root of what is triggering your feelings. Being able to connect with your values will enable you to understand what you need to receive the respect you deserve.


When establishing boundaries with a person, you will want to be concise with your words, use a calm tone of voice, and be constructive with your boundary.


As you start believing in your self-worth, operating from your relationship values will give you a sense of respect and will help you speak fluidly from a place of worth. The sooner you value yourself the quicker you’ll see results.


By having healthy boundaries with yourself, it allows you to set boundaries within your relationships. Knowing when to implement Self-care will be key to not displacing your emotions onto the connection.


If a person continues to cross your boundaries after setting them, then seeking counsel from someone you trust can provide support for your concerns.


The more consistent you are at setting boundaries, the easier it becomes to execute them.


It’s not what you say, but how you say it that predicts the outcome of your relationships. Boundaries come from a place of logic versus emotion.


“We were once in your shoes, too nice, too understanding, and too patient, which is what makes us great at our careers. But, when it came to our romantic relationships, we learned this the hard way. We were being taken for granted by our partners. It’s not that we didn’t speak up, but we didn’t know how to properly communicate our needs to grow our relationships to the next level. Not to mention, we didn’t know what boundaries were. We used to communicate our needs from a place of emotion, instead of values. Yet, we knew there had to be a better way because we weren’t about to feel frustrated or undervalued in our relationships again. We both went through six-year relationships that ended without us being truly heard, and they were the last ones! Maybe this was partially being young, but we knew something had to change. We learned the key to a successful relationship is having healthy boundaries. As of today, we now communicate completely different with our partners based on our relationship values. They are the core essence in which we operate from on a daily basis in business as well. Once you know your values you can turn any relationship around with mutual respect. We both know this is the only way for a man to meet your needs and make you feel valued in your relationship. Your boundaries will give you peace of mind, just like us.”


  • EIGHT MODULE GUIDE to being stress-free in your relationship and receiving the respect you deserve from him.
  • EXCLUSIVE MINDSET EXERCISES that give you the exact methods to getting your needs met while valuing your worth.
  • A VIDEO guide that teaches you exactly how to implement each module with confidence and resolve discord quickly.
  • THREE C’s MODEL for communicating effectively without hesitation.
  • BONUS! BOUNDARY EXAMPLES for guidance on how to successfully set
    boundaries using constructive language.

I was hesitant about buying because I didn’t think this could change my relationships. I’ve bought
courses like these before and always walked away disappointed at the lack of substance each time. But with this, I immediately saw how easy it is to stand up for myself. I finally learned to let go of the anger I’ve been harboring because I never knew how to get respect. I really like how it guides you to have a
voice and explains things in a way I could understand (even though I was really clueless). If you’re
serious about being respected by your partner, then do yourself a favor and get this
course. I cannot imagine my life without.” -Mary

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“A Lack Of Boundaries Invites A Lack Of Respect.”

Boundary Badass


You are the one!

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