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Confidently You

Are You Ready To Own Your Inner Power?

At Entwined Lifestyle, we know you are the kind of person who desires
to be seen as magnetically confident. 

However, maybe you have a fear of being judged or not good enough when around others. 

This is why we created our Confidently You Program.

Are You Currently Experiencing Any Of These Signs?

⇒You shy away from speaking up for yourself
⇒You feel uncomfortable in social situations
⇒You dislike when the spotlight is on you
⇒You feel unworthy of success and happiness
⇒You find it challenging to maintain relationships

⇒You are sensitive to rejection from others
⇒You fear intimacy 
⇒You put other on a pedestal
⇒You lack boundaries with others
⇒You overthink situations and don’t take action

If you answered YES to any of the above,
then you need this program to boost your self-worth!


Growing up Henry was the shy kid who kept to himself because he didn’t think people wanted to be his friend. He was a bit awkward, a late bloomer, and a tad stubborn described by his closest friends and family. Despite being talented in many life hobbies, he had a hard time dating, maintaining work relationships, and finding his confidence to get out of my comfort zone. 

One evening he was so frustrated after a woman ghosted, he started looking for answers as to why this kept happening to him. It made him feel pretty crappy inside. His self-esteem was already taking hits after his boss was on his case about completing projects on time. It was one thing after another all in the same week. 

He came across our program in his search on the internet. He was a bit hesitant, but he had nothing to lose so he bought the program and started it on the same night. At first, he was perplexed at how the exercises were going to boost his confidence. At the same time, he was in the rabbit hole and not feeling great about who he was. 

He started doing the exercises and watching the videos every night. They didn’t take very long, but it requires consistency. After a few weeks, he had a whole new perspective on life! He was beginning to feel more confident, he started attracting better women, and he even found himself being less stubborn in the office. 

“I highly recommend this program if you are having a tough time in life. This program shifted my mindset around and boosted my confidence to lead a better life. I’m actively dating, meeting new friends, and enjoying my job. This was a total game changer.”

Henry, San Diego

Our Confidently You Program Will Have You Feeling
Invincible And Fearless In Any Environment or Situation! 

And What’s Best, You Will Be Able To Do It All From
The Privacy And Comfort Of Your Own Home! 

Watch Tutorial Videos

Discover the mindset and skills for mastering confidence and speak your truth without hesitation. Your “old story” of not feeling good enough will melt away and you will begin to embrace your authentic self. Now is your chance to Become Confidently You!

Become Confidently You

Our expert guide will give you everything you need to eliminate the self-limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck in a rut. Through mastering the modules, you’ll be able to embrace your self-worth and boost your confidence to the next level without ever second-guessing yourself again.

Attract Your Dream Lifestyle

Before long, the law of attraction will begin to work for you drawing in great people, healthy relationships, your dream job, and beautiful & supportive friendships. You will start to feel powerful in your own shoes and receive exactly what you deserve.

What's Included? Everything You Need To Become A Confident You

⇒Become magnetic and alluring attracting the right people into your life
⇒Master your mindset and confidently achieve your lifestyle goals
⇒Feel secure in any environment or situation
⇒Gain clarity and certainty in your choices
⇒Embrace intimacy in your relationships

⇒Confidently own who are and achieve invincible
⇒Be authentic to your self without regret or guilt
⇒Feel happier and fulfilled in all aspects of your lifestyle 
⇒Be free to be yourself without judgement or concern for others’ opinions
⇒Have an optimistic outlook on life

Heather had found the Confidently You Program when she was searching for ways to feel better about herself. She had a bit of a rough childhood in that nothing was ever good enough for her perfectionist father. She could never get the grades he expected, she could never organize the house properly, and even now she wasn’t making enough money that suited her father’s approval. He practically laughed at her career choice in human resources. But, deep down she had a big heart and it’s what she enjoyed. 

She had beliefs replaying over and over in her head “I’m a failure” and “I’m not good enough for anything I want”. Yet, she wanted so much just to prove to her father that she was more than what he thought of her. She deeply desired to feel loved by him, but all she felt was his cold rejection.  

The program helped her focus on her needs and wants versus pleasing everyone around her, including her father. She created a daily regimen of self-care and self-love exercise that slowly transformed her perspective of herself and built her self-worth. She even took painting lessons making beautiful artwork she hung around her house. For the first time in her life she felt free to be herself and no longer worried about other people’s opinions of her. 

She even learned to accept her father for who he was, but realized the only approval she needed was the one she saw when looked in the mirror. 

“This Program helped me take my life back. For so long I was pleasing everyone else but myself. I have never felt happier and more assured about who I am.”

Heather, Boston 

“We were shy growing up which left us feeling stuck and not having the courage to speak up at the right time. This kept us from public speaking or attending networking events to grow our brand. Once we learned how to speak using our inner voice, our confidence grew ten-fold. We created this program to help anyone who is feeling unsure of their fullest potential or fearful to show up authentically as their best self. We guarantee this program will give you the courage to take a step forward toward your goals and aspirations so you aren’t reason you hold yourself back. You are the catalyst to your confidence.”  – xxoo Jillian & Jan

Customer Testimonials

What people say?

"I don't know where I would be without this program. For years I lived in fear that I'm not good enough. Growing up in a family of doctors, I was seen as the black sheep. I'm an artist and designer at heart yet I didn't know how to own who I was without feeling life a failure. This program helped me own my worth and made me realize I'm the only person who has to accept me. Today, I have a booming business as a web designer."
Thalia, New York City
"This program really helped me believe I was worthy of a loving relationship. I used to think I was damaged goods and no one could ever love, given my childhood upbringing. I found my own worth and have been able to attract women I find attractive. I hope to be in a committed relationship in the next month."
Ryan, Seattle

Why You Need Confidence...Signs You May Not Notice

⇒You are unable to achieve your goals
⇒You keep to yourself and struggle making friends
⇒You put everyone else’s needs before your own and neglect yours
⇒You feel fearful to voice your thoughts and opinions
⇒You react emotionally to conflict

⇒You take critiques as criticism
⇒You take rejections personally to heart
⇒You are co-dependent in your relationships and find yourself in toxic situations
⇒You have a career that is below your skillset 
⇒You find it hard to trust others

We have see this exact program work for every type of person who is committed and read to live their best life. In fact, we have a 100 % satisfaction money-back GUARANTEE.

We know once you boost your confidence, you will see your lifestyle transform and be able to approach life with certainty.

The cost of NOT taking action could cost you your happiness and success.

At the end of the day, what is your happiness worth to you?

Confidently You


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