Meet Your Dating Coaches

Where were you born and raised?

We grew up in the country of a rural farm town with a population of 940 people. There weren’t any stoplights or grocery stores within a fifteen-mile radius. We have always referred to it as: “A dot on the map.” One could say we were raised with old-fashioned traditions and values.

What is something unique about us?

We are identical twin sisters born three minutes apart on April 28th. Yes, we are Tauruses; stable and grounded as the trees.

When it comes to business, we are fearless and will take any risk. We even have a secret desire to one day own an herbal apothecary boutique. We take great interest in herbs and homeopathic remedies and believe one can cure just about anything with nature. One of us being a cancer survivor, we don’t take life for granted.

What do you enjoy when not working?

We love to cook…mostly healthy, but sometimes southern. And, if you can’t find us in the kitchen whipping up family recipes, then we are probably at the gym burning off all those calories in order to maintain a balanced life.

Additionally, we both are avid readers. If you were to open our kindles, one would find us indulging in several books at once. Our typical reads could be anywhere from entrepreneurship to learning a new life interest. And for simple pleasures, we enjoy reading fashion magazines to keep up with today’s latest styles.

Who is the closest person to you?

Our maternal grandmother. At 92, she is witty and unconditionally loving, kind nature, a great cook, well read, always honest, beyond humorous and a lady of manners. She has written books on each of her six grandchildren lives from birth to current date. We feel quite blessed to be inspired by her. She is a true example of why self-development is important.


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