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Workplace Wellness Coaching


Our Workplace Wellness Program engages with organizations to help employees and executive feel healthier & happier, build relationship capital, & calm the work-life stress.

Traditional therapeutic options offered by healthcare providers are underutilized
and less effective because they fall short on providing strategized solutions
 that materialize results.

The mental wellness of your organization’s employees is crucial and cant impact the
overall success of the company.  Our positive and proactive methods will reduce stress,
retain top talent and create an overall positive morale within the company culture.

We Help Employees And Organizations Facing These Work-Life Challenges:

  • Workaholics struggle maintaining personal health 
  • Inability to cultivate remarkable relationships and connections
  • Increasing performance anxiety throughout the work day
  • Unhealthy boundaries between co-workers and team leaders
  • Lack of personal awareness contributes to a toxic workplace
  • Work stress bleeds into one’s personal life, creating conflict at home
  • Lack of company structure to maintain healthy work-life balance in a virtual world
  • Employees are neglecting daily self-care which is hurting their performance at work
  • Ineffective skills and strategies for constructive communication and negotiation
  • Inability to build relationship capital and achieve financial growth
  • Lack of relationship sales training to close sales efficiently 


“I have noticed a structural change at our insurance firm with employees after we started monthly wellness sessions. Our clients feel more appreciative of the resources and stress management tools when feeling stressed at the office. Knowing they have mental and emotional support gives them the ability to serve our customers better and sustain productivity. It has even had an impact for our team building which is something we have been underperforming on since worldly changes.”

Brittany, HR


Offering individual and group psychological wellness in the workplace helps employees achieve high performance, reach their goals, and feel like a valuable asset to their organization. 

Creating a company culture where employees and leaders cultivate healthy relationships through setting boundaries, communication techniques and leadership skills for a healthy work environment. 

It’s well-known by most that companies who offer perks, such a workplace wellness, to their employees are less likely to leave their job and overall higher retention. 

Workplace Wellness Coaching
can help your organization:

  • Establish Healthy Work Relationships and Environment
  • Discover New Methods For Strengthening A Positive Mindset
  • Promote Internal Growth and Productivity
  • Help Employees Feel Empowered and Purposeful In Their Daily Work Routine
  • Learn Healthy Coping Skills for Work Stress and Performance Anxiety
  • Create Strong Healthy Boundaries Between Employees and Leadership 
  • Implement Effective Communication Skills Without Damaging The Connection With Clients
  • Work- Life Balance To Main A Healthy Lifestyle 
  • Learn How To Diffuse Conflict Confidently and Quickly
  • Establish Daily Self-Care Routine For Mental Health Wellness
  • Navigating Change While Working From Home 
  • Work-Life Resources

We are Jan Yuhas and Jillian Yuhas  – Certified International Relationship & Lifestyle Coaches of Entwined Lifestyle with a background in Professional Counseling and Certified Professional Coaching.

We help your employees and organization reach optimal performance by creating wellness opportunities to promote internal growth and leadership. With our strategized guidance, your employees will feel valued creating a positive company culture.


How We Can Work Together:

As International Relationship and Lifestyle Coaches, with a background in Professional Counseling and Certified Professional Coaching, we offer our clientele audio or video services for individuals and teams to improve mental and behavioral wellness. Our goal is to minimize burnout, resolve conflictual relationships, and
achieve overall work-life balance through wellness goals. 

Contact us today to see if wellness
lifestyle coaching is the right for your organization.

Workplace Wellness Includes:

  • A coaching plan unique to the corporation’s performance and wellness goals 
  • Confidential coaching for employees and management who need additional wellness support 
  • Relationship intelligence skills that will transform your employees and client relationships 
  • Implement stress-reducing, emotional state management and self-care protocols 
  • Conflict resolution skills and healthy boundaries for overcoming disagreements quickly 
  • Bridging the gap between management and employees for growth and productivity
  • Establish positive company culture and employee perks
  • Create work-life balance from the office to home

“Our financial firm took a nose dive when work from home in place began. I was introduced Jan at Entwined Lifestyle to begin creating better communication channels between myself and my advisors as I noticed performance anxiety had increased. With a new protocol for performance and wellness in place my advisors started to feel better supported between work and home life.”

Vince, CEO

Relationship & Lifestyle

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